Thursday, April 22, 2010

Education with Modern Technology

Education always help to change the attitudes, skills and knowledge. I feel , in this modern world students should cope with the modern technology. As teachers we have to update our knowledge.


  1. Hi Upul,

    Welcome to our wonderful course! You are right that modern world requires modern teaching. Teachers, just like doctors, need to verify and update their tools since both the language and the methods are changing all the time...

    Let's get updated then!


  2. Hi, Upul.
    Nice to meet you in our syber space.
    The course is a great opprtunity to learn both from each other and from our teacher.
    Even though I knew about existing Nicenet ICA I have never explored it because you begin to realize that you need it when you really use it and know how to model it. This educational tool taught me a lot let alone the disscussions and reading articles!
    So, let's learn altogether!
    Hope to see your complete profile be the next my dropping into your place.